Objective: A university teaching position in Statistics and Data Science

* Strong theoretical background in mathematics and statistics
* Substantial teaching and research experience
* Experience in the industry
* Near-native command of English

* PhD (Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences) in Statistics (2010),
Lomonosov Moscow State University.

* University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio, USA, 2008).
Completed first year as a PhD student in Statistics.

* Kazan State University (2000-2005), integrated MSc in Mathematics.

Professional Experience

1. Feb 2015–present: Senior Teacher, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

* Taught classes of Analytic Geometry, Data Science Technologies, Parallel Programming, and Information Retrieval

2. Apr 2013–Oct 2014: Data Scientist, Applied Logistics, Moscow, Russia

* Applied my scientific knowledge to real-life problems in supply chain management

* Built a model for planning stock in distributed supply chain, currently under real-life evaluation.

* Built a model for aircraft maintenance scheduling

* Implemented these models in C++ and Delphi languages

* This allowed our customers to start working with life cycle contracts

3. Sep 2011–Mar 2013: Private tutor, Freelance, Moscow, Russia

* Taught Mathematics in English

* Prepared students for GRE and SAT tests.

* Worked with students from high-profile families.

4. Jan 2010–Sep 2011: Research Engineer, Kazan State University (Kazan, Russia)

* Advanced research in Statistics

* Authored 4 articles in highly-ranked scientific journals

5. Jan 2008–Dec 2008: Teaching Assistant, University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio, USA)

* Graded for Introduction to Mathematics

* Worked at Learning Enhancement center providing individual help to students with  Mathematics and Statistics

* Taught my own class of Statistics I (39 students)

6. Sep 2006-Dec 2006: Assistant, Kazan State University (Kazan, Russia)

* Taught Calculus

Teaching Experience
Parallel Programming, Data Science Toolkit, Information Retrieval, Calculus,
Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry, Statistics I

Professional Development Courses
1. 12.2015 Modern Technologies of Teaching Students
(Institute of Management of Education of Russian Academy of Education)
Certificate No. 772403462227

2. 12.2014 Mining Massive Datasets (Coursera)

3. 05.2013 Natural Language Processing (Coursera)

Language Skills
Russian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

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