A challenging data scientist position utilizing my analytical,
programming and management skills to increase profitability and promote growth.

* Creative thinker, able to operate at strategic and technical levels,
with a passion for achieving high quality results

* Outstanding analytical skills honed by diverse professional background

* Experience in Data Science and Software Development

* Exceptionally quick learner, proven track record of adopting new methods and technologies.

* Tech skills: C++, Python, SQL, Mathematica, R, MPI, Spark, scikit-learn, Vowpal Wabbit, XGBoost, Linux

* **PhD in Statistics**, Lomonosov Moscow State University (2010)

* University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio, USA, 2008). Completed first year of PhD in Statistics.

* **MSc in Mathematics**, Kazan State University (2000-2005),

Professional Experience
Feb 2017--present: **Senior Data Scientist**, *Etton*, Kazan, Russia

* Developed real-time prescriptive analytics system for financial indicators and supply chain management

* Suggested idea for innovation, developed general architecture, gave theoretical and technical basis for the project

* Prepared necessary documentation for Skolkovo grant committee

Apr 2013–Oct 2014: **Data Scientist**, *Applied Logistics*, Moscow, Russia

* Work in reliability analysis and supply chain management

* Built a model for planning stock in distributed supply chain, currently under real-life evaluation.

* Built a model for aircraft maintenance scheduling

* Implemented these models in C++ and Delphi languages

* This allowed our customers, major Russian machinery producers, to start working with life cycle contracts

Sep 2012–Feb 2013: **Research Programmer**, *RoboCV*, Moscow, Russia

* Development of robot vision and navigation system

* Worked in a team of software engineers in Linux environment

* Developed object tracking and emergency stopping routines

* Authored comprehensive tech report on the project that allowed
to successfully complete the first investment stage

Jan 2010–Sep 2011: **Research Engineer**, *Kazan State University*, Kazan, Russia

* Advanced research in Statistics

* Authored 4 articles in highly-ranked scientific journals

Sep 2002-Apr 2004: **System Administrator**, *Technical Center Volvo*, Kazan, Russia

* Administered corporate computer network

* Administered corporate database

* Organized hardware purchasing and maintenance process

Academic Experience
Teaching Parallel Programming, Data Science Toolkit, Information Retrieval, Statistics, and Calculus,
at Kazan Federal University and University of Toledo.

Media appearences

* (Vesti 24 TV Channel) Oct 2012 [1:25-1:40](

* Human FAQtor (Russia 2 TV Channel) Nov 2012 [3:10-3:40]( 

Professional Development Courses
Dec 2014: Mining Massive Datasets (Coursera)

May 2013: Natural Language Processing (Coursera)

Language Skills
Russian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

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